Thursday, March 15, 2012

"The Iron Lady" Movie Review

"The Iron Lady" Movie Review

If you're not into pure dialogues and speeches then I'm pretty sure you'll doze off watching the movie. It's more like a historical documentary sort of thing. However if there's one thing you need to look forward to: it's Meryl Streep's acting. Her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher is simply remarkable and outstanding! I cannot imagine somebody else doing what she has achieved.

Here are some great quotes that I have learned from the movie:

"It used  to be about trying to do something. Now, it's all about trying to be something."

"One's life must matter. I cannot die washing somebody's teacup."

"Someone must force a point. Someone must say the unsayable."

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  1. I really still want to see this movie even though I have read mixed reviews on it. A co-worker at DISH told me he really enjoyed it and another said she didn't really like it. I received it in the mail yesterday since I started using Blockbuster @Home so I am can't wait to watch it.


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