Saturday, September 29, 2012

SUDDENLY IT'S MAGIC full trailer

SUDDENLY IT'S MAGIC full trailer
Starring Erich Gonzales and Mario Maurer

I'm surprised they actually looked good together! It's a risk but I think people would love them especially the part when Mario says "I'm gonna make you ligaw and harana." I'm sure everyone would just start saying "aaahhhhh"...

This Guy's In Love With U Mare! (full trailer)

This Guy's In Love With U Mare! (full trailer)
Starring Vice Ganda, Toni Gonzaga and Luis Manzano
Directed by Wenn V. Deramas

Now this one's worth watching! 
If you're looking for a feel good, funny, out-of-this-world comedy, then you found the movie! 

With these three stooges coming together, I am expecting a cinema filled with laughters and giggles. I'll be the first in the line!

A Secret Affair (Official Trailer)

A Secret Affair (Official Trailer)
Starring Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay and Andi Eigenmann

I know, I know, I know. No Other Woman was a big hit! But do you really think having the same plot with trying hard catchy phrases would still do the trick... Wake up!

Can you not be more un-creative?

Monday, September 10, 2012

There'll always be a Reason to Worship no matter what!

Watch "Hillsong - Desert Song - With Subtitles/Lyrics" on YouTube

It's already 1:40am and I'm still awake listening to amazing Hillsong Worship songs.

Here is Desert Song! I'm particularly bless with these lyrics:

"All of my life. In every season, You are still GOD and I have a reason to worship."

Premium Rush starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Watched Premium Rush last Saturday and this movie live up to its Title. I and my friends were literally catching our breath during the "running after scenes" adding the element of danger as he can anytime crash into any car.

It also makes autre to touch the hearts of the sentimental ones by adding the story of a Mother whose only wish is to see her soon.

Plus as an add-on feature: Joseph gave us a free tour of New York!

I recommend you watch it!

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